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Enjoyed the time Pam worked at the hospital.  Her rapport with the children
and how each reached out and touched me.  Johnny was so angry, it was heart
warming to see him relate to Pam.  I could feel myself in the cafeteria, the banter
that went on between the nurses.  Krista
This story shows what true friendship can be.  The two women were lucky to have
each other growing up, they could rely on each other.  Though they were not related
there was a strong bond between them.  I too had a good childhood friend, so this took
me to a pleasant time in my life.   Mary
Things changed for them, one went the way of the rich, enjoying a very comfortable
lifestyle while the other, became a nurse.  Still they kept their friendship intact.  Maybe  not as often but still they kept in touch. 

When things began to go wrong for Pam, she went to see her friend. It was nice to see that the bond was still there.  However, her childhood friend getting tangled up with the terrible things that happened on the boat or ship was the beginning of a nightmare for Pam Brooks. 

I loved this book.    Gina

Wow!  Where do I begin . . .

There were so many twists and turns in this story, I felt myself taking the ride with the characters. From the first page I was drawn into Pam Brook's life.  What a character, what strength, what emotion, there were so many sensations running through the story, I couldn't wait to get to the next page.  Actually stayed up very late one night, just to see what happened next.   Dolores
The ship, the fishing, the engine failure, the things that occured on the lower deck all leading to an unforgettable night.   The srong bond of friendship and love the two women  
share was a blessing. 
The stalking.  When evil rears its ugly head, one never knows just what it will look like, for instance a certain character in the story.  One never knows, until almost too late that is.  Karen
The hospital, the children the good nurse and then there was the bad.  I really wanted to bop the woman. She was so hateful. I certainly felt Pam Brook's  ire, however she handled the situation a little better than  I would have.   : )   Rose
I loved the two women sleuthing.  Heavy fog, near the waterfront, gave me chills.  Chills of excitement.  They are so good together.   Jenna
New Years will never be looked at the same. The writer gave me a story that brought tears to my eyes.  The celebration, the champagne, reminds me of times I have sit and watched the ball drop in Times Square.   Terrie
Judy and Pam, two better friends there could never be.  Each looked out for the other and
And each fell into the moment.  What a sweet moment it was.   Helen
The rattlesnake.
The package sent to Pam. I was was so happy that Denny arrived in time.  Just the  thought of opening a package and seeing that thing, was terrifying.   Jill
I worked at a health department, well not quite like the one in the story, the one where Pam goes to work.  But it did take me back to some of the things we did.  This is very real, and I have a feeling the author herself may have experienced some of these things.  I know the book is supposed to be fiction, yet, I think there may be some truth in there.   Sharon
Took me back to the high mountains and some of the people that live there.  When Pam left  California and ended up in a small town in the high mountains of Arizona, she stepped into a world that was very different from Los Angeles, California.  True to her spirit she faced each day with renewed energy and a hopeful outlook.  Even staring into the rifle barrel that was pointed at her, she stood her ground.    Grace
Pam Brooks went through a lot in this story, to lose so much, to gain so much to lose it again, is sad.  Sad, Scary, tense and so much more. This shows a person no matter what, never give up.   Tawny
The Prison, I wanted to reach out and help Pam.  Thank God for being the person she is. This is spine tingling, exciting, frightening at the same time, it shows the true spunk of Pam Brooks. . .   What a great ending.   WOW!   Barbara