Anita Louise

In the television series, Rizzoli and Isles. Detective Jane Rizzoli (Angie Harmon) and medical examiner Maura Isles (Sasha Alexander) are two strong, brilliant women who work together to solve some of Boston’s worse grizzly crimes. 
The serial killer known as The Surgeon has once again gone after both women.

Hoyt (The Surgeon) masterminds a plan to get the two women alone even if they think it would be safe they soon find out it is not. Once more Jane will face her worse nightmare along with Maura who never knew the evil this man possesses in real time until now.  This story takes place immediately after they escape Hoyt's vengeance.


Holding Jane in his embrace, Korsak felt his heart would break knowing all he could do was comfort her. He had seen her collapse before and hoped she never had to go though anything like that again. Yet, the woman’s pain was evident as her tears fell upon his shoulder. Her body trembled uncontrollably as he whispered, “It will be all right Jane.
We are here now; Hoyt will never hurt you again.”

Frost was bending over Maura, his face mapping concern as he asked, “Are you all right?” He quickly wished he had bitten his tongue, for it was obvious from the dazed look on her face and the trail of blood on her neck, the woman was not all right. He reached out to place a hand on her shoulder, “It’s over, Hoyt is dead.”

Maura Isles heard the words but they didn’t make it though the veil of what seemed like spider webs in her brain, because all she felt was pain. She couldn’t speak, and the body she had grown so fond of, was not cooperating. Closing her eyes, she saw Hoyt coming toward her but before she could move, pain, severe pain brushed over her like a sudden lightning storm. Maura Isles psyche was not cooperating.

Frost gazed toward Korsak and could see the man was doing all he could to comfort Jane. A brief thought skittered through his mind, he could now see why Korsak and Jane were so close.

“How’s she doing? Detective Frost, how is Doctor Isles?”

Frost felt a hand on his arm and looked up to see the Warden who appeared to show concern. “What do you think? You allowed this to happen, it is obvious Detective Rizzoli, and Doctor Isles are shaken up and injured! What kind of prison do you run?”

Warden Price turned to look toward Korsak and Rizzoli then he turned to Frost. “This is
not my doing. Rizzoli is like a dog trying to find a bone, woman just won’t give up.”

Frost stood, bit his lower lip before replying, “She is the best Detective I have ever worked with, and she cares, and will go all out to get what is needed. I have seen her tormented over homicides, as they are a waste of life at the same time she will be
kind and compassionate to the one’s left behind. You’re right, she will not give up, and that is what makes her so special.”

The man made a low harrumph sound then said, “We need to clean this mess up, and get your people to another part of the prison. The doctor will be here soon, had to drive out for Hoyt’s care now he has a different reason for his trip.”

Korsak whispered, “Jane, the doctor will be here soon, let’s go find a place to sit and wait.” He reached in his left pocket and withdrew a small pocketknife quickly cutting the zip tie that bound her wrists.

Jane stepped back, and gazed down at her wrists, they were red and aching. Catching her breath, she mumbled, “You must think I’m a baby.”

“No such thing. From all I gather you saved Doctor Isles and yourself. Anyone would be shaken up after this.”

Using the sleeves of her jacket, she raised her arms and dried the trail of tears from her face. Ignoring the handkerchief Korsak tried to hand her. “Mau…Maura is she--”

“Because of you, she is alive and with your help she will be fine. Anyone ever tell you, you have a hard head?”

Jane grimaced as she reached up and touched the blood that was finding its way downward. “Rizzoli’s have a lot of talents just never knew a hard head was one of them.
The guard? He didn’t go after Maura did he?”

“Nope, guard took a bullet before he could do anything.”


He felt a redness creeping up his neck quickly changing the subject. It was not a day to mention he had shot the man. It was a day to be thankful Jane and Maura were alive.

A short stocky man of perhaps thirty walked into the room, he carried a black medical bag with his right hand. Stopping to survey the damage in the room as well as the two bodies he turned to the Warden and asked, “What happened?”

“Fill you in later, for now you need to check out Detective Jane Rizzoli and Doctor Maura Isles.”

He reached up and brushed a hand through his croppy red hair before his blue eyes now settled on the tall dark-haired woman standing near Detective Korsak. “She do all this?” He moved his left arm in a swooping motion.

The Warden held a look of disgust as he uttered, “Yeah, she pretty much is responsible for most of it. Hate to say it, but it was your patient that started this whole thing. Now take care of them, the sooner they are out, the better.”

He walked toward Korsak and Jane upon nearing he said, “Quite the disaster area in here, seems no matter where you go Rizzoli, things get torn up.”

Korsak stood between the man and Jane. “Hold up there Doctor, Hoyt started all this. Don’t start throwing accusations around.” He reached out and touched Jane’s left arm
suggesting, “Let’s get this over, you and Doctor Isles need to be fixed up, so we can get
out of here.”

Jane could still feel Hoyt’s hand around her neck, she shivered, doing her best to control her body, she shook her head which was a mistake for she knew, it will never be over.

Entering the sterile room, Korsak noticed that Frost looked a bit sickly but for him that was an accomplishment. Since he usually dashed away from anything resembling a hospital, morgue or. . .

Frost caught Korsak’s look quickly replying, “Don’t say it Korsak. I’m holding my own.”

“Good idea, since I don’t see any buckets in here.”

The Doctor turned toward the two men and said, “I’ll need some privacy with detective Rizzoli and Doctor Isles. The two of you can wait in the anteroom. Perhaps you can finish your discussion out there.”

Jane was sitting on the edge of a gurney trying to get her focus. At that moment, her head felt like a group was playing battle of the drums in it. “Can we get this over, I need to--”

The doctor brought his attention back to the two women. “Doctor Isles if you will just have a seat next to Detective Rizzoli I will be with you as soon as I escort these gentlemen out.”

Korsak gave a nod to Frost as they stood facing the man, arms folded across their chests
Saying in unison, “Fat chance. We are not budging!”

“How do I put this, I need to examine them, and you are uh not allowed.”

Korsak raised his left eyebrow and stated, “There will not be any examining in here, if I think you are talking about sans clothes.”

Frost nodded reiterating, “What he is saying.”

Throwing up his hands in futility the man now turned his attention on the two women that sat on the gurney still looking out of it. “Suit yourselves; I have other patients to see after this.” Walking toward the two women, he put on his best face and said, “I see a contusion of the head along with several neck wounds. I will clean up the areas, medicate, cover with sterilized bandages and--”

Korsak was approaching the man as he asked, “And what? That’s all you’re going to do. Anything else, they will see their own doctor.”

The man went about his work, totally ignoring Korsak who had now been joined by Frost.
When he was finished, he reached into his medical bag and withdrew a syringe along with a small vial containing clear liquid. Within seconds, he had drawn some of the contents into the syringe. Turning toward Jane he said, “Remove your jacket, I need to give you this injection.”

“Not going to happen!“ The low throaty voice smoldered at him. As lengthy fingers grasped the man’s wrist, he grimaced from the pressure.

Taken by surprise the man dropped the syringe. “Let me go! What is wrong with you Rizzoli?”

Jane gazed toward Korsak and said, “Korsak would you and Frost please escort the doctor and his black bag out. I need to speak to Maura.”

Korsak reached out and placed his hands on the doctor’s shoulder saying, “Come on Doc, women need to talk and like I said before, they will see their own doctor for anything else.”

Frost smiled toward the two women then hurried out of the room following Korsak.

Jane took a deep breath, her mind was racing like a motor boat on a rough sea, at the same time her heart was doing its fair share of catching up. She was turning toward Maura, and had just started to speak when Frost came running into the room. “Frost! Not now!”

“Sorry, Lieutenant Cavanaugh is here and he wants to talk to you.”

“Can’t this wait?”

“Said you needed to file a report and that there may be some problems with the Prison.”

“Damn Price, always trying to get his digs in. At this moment, I don’t care about the Warden or the prison. Tell Lieutenant Cavanaugh I will be out as soon as I can.”

“All right.”



“This time would you close the door and tell anyone else if they wish to barge in here, they just may feel my boot where the sun doesn’t shine.”

“Gotcha.” He soon vanished quickly closing the door.

Jane now turned her attention to Maura who was no longer sitting; instead, she was standing and staring down at her. “Maura, are you all right?”

Maura managed a faint smile and replied, “I am, thanks to you.”

Jane stood and replied, “Don’t thank me; it is my fault you got hurt.”

Maura swallowed against the emotional lump in her throat as she reached out taking Jane’s hands in hers. "I know what happened, Frost told me. I wouldn’t be here if you had not gone all ‘Wonder Woman’ on Hoyt. Every day I thank God for you Jane Rizzoli."

Jane was squirming, she could fight the good fight but if it ever got down to the feely personal stuff, she was lost. "Maur… I, I’m not good with words, seems whenever I want to use them I stumble and never get across what I really want to say. But I know one thing and that is, ‘Wonder Woman’ I am not."

Sighing, Maura tipped her head to the right, blinked her eyes several times before saying, "You are mine." Quickly placing a finger over Jane’s lips she added, "Shush, words
never need to be said between us."

"You did not just do that did you? Shush, I hate being shushed."

"I know. There is nothing better than Jane Rizzoli when she gets shushed."

"You were Tased; you are not in your right mind."

"I am. Probably more than I ever have been. Jane do you realize we both almost lost our lives and there is so much--."

"It is hard not to realize what just happened. It shook me to my core. What do you mean by ‘so much’?"

Releasing Jane’s hands, Maura walked away uttering, "So much we haven’t said."

"You mean about our being LLBF’S?"

"That and more."

Nervously kicking at the floor with the tip of her left boot, Jane whispered, "The four letter word *that is used so randomly."

Nodding she was pensive. “I need to say this. I know you, probably better than many who think they do but--what just happened, it was not your fault. Before you say anything let me finish.”

Jane pursed her lips, and began to speak but quickly nodded her head, shrugged and sat.

“Someone is to blame but it is not you. I was out for a while, even when I came to, I was not coherent. We just went through something that was horrible, something that took both of us to places we have never gone. I was so fearful for you.

“And I you.”

“It will take sometime for us to come to the full extent of what happened to us. You have been seriously hurt…

“I’ve been hurt before Maur it is my job to care, to do whatever it takes as long as I am breathing.”

“You fought, Demons, you fought Evil Incarnate, you fought your fear, and you won.”

The look on Jane’s face said it all. She was ready to bolt and run. “I--I can’t talk about this now Maura, maybe never.” She was up and heading for the door.

“I won’t let you run away again Detective Jane Rizzoli.”

“Not running. But need to talk to Cavanaugh and see what else Price has up his sleeve.”

Maura reached out taking Jane’s hands in hers. ”He can wait. We may never get another chance like this, stay, talk to me, can we just let our guard down this once.”

Jane gripped Maura’s hands, and said, “You’re right. I’m sorry. You want talk, all I can say is, I am a pathetic wreck Maur.”

“Pathetic, no, beautiful, brave, loving and so much more, yes. If I can admit that I am deeply shaken, for the first time and I need you, what do you say to that?

“I admire you Maura Isles. I say, we are a pair aren’t we?”

“Yes we are Jane Rizzoli.”

Maura glowed, her eyes sparkled, her dimples deepened and within seconds, she was throwing her arms around Jane’s neck. Jane embraced the woman she had grown so fond of, the one person that was always there for her no matter what. "Maur, all it took was a four letter *word?"

"Digging things out of you Detective Rizzoli is not easy but always fun. And yes, that four letter word I thought I would never hear you say."

"Doctor Isles, when we get out of here would you like to come to the apartment with me?"

Maura smiled. "Or you could come home with me."

"Yeah that would work, Ma would be so busy taking care of us, there would be no time for any four or five letter words or--"

"You’re right, forgot about your mother. She is a dear, always wants to help."

"Right and I love her but sometimes, people need to be alone."

"We could go to the Dirty Robber. Or we could go down to the waterfront, or. . ."

This time Jane smiled. "You are a tease, Doctor Isles. ‘The waterfront’, the DR, like we might as well go and let Ma tend to us. Good, good drinks, and lots of love--"

"You know Jane we could be in a crowded room and still be us. Maybe you do not know this but I do keep my eyes on you, wherever we are. As long as you are near, I never feel alone. "


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