Rizzoli and Isles A marvelous series. If one had the opportunity to see even one episode they would be transferred to a special place. This series had everything, mystery, excitement, angst, the wonder of special friendships, special people, special story's. Characters so well created and acted by exceptional performers--you were there. From the beginning to last nights finale episode, Ocean Frank, it had everything.

Warmth, laughter, so well done... You too laughed, felt loved. Family brought so much more into this series.  And the finale which we all were dreading to know was coming, brought tears. Knowing that everything that was said and acted, in reality was REAL, it went with the story line but one could look at the actors... The sadness was there if one looked closely. To see the end of something that was so deeply ingrained into our lives was devastating, it was if your own family, friends were lost as well.

Thankful for the ending. It was beautiful and so well acted and written.

This time, tears of happiness fell down my face.

Bravo to a great ensemble!

Still in the back of my mind I have to ask, Why cancel a series that is so well loved. A series that has done wonders for TNT . . .