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Choices is a book that will be an enjoyable read to anyone looking for romance, adventure, mystery, intrigue and more.  But It is not for young readers.


Debbie J. lives in California and is an avid reader of books.
After reading Choices by Anita Louise she sent this review.

All you Xena fans, You've read her stories on line, now 
Anita Louise has a book in publication. It has all the things
like from her online stories, characters that you love and hate,
the courage of two women facing challenges that life throws at them
and threatens to endanger their friendship, places that you can relate to.
It is easy reading and a page turner, I couldn't wait to find out what would
happen next.

                                     Buy Choices  you will find it an enjoyable read.


Sometimes life comes at a person from so many different directions it is hard to know which way to go or what is what. I have found a great way to get away from the rat race, it is to curl up with a fantastic story and let my mind and body take the journey. Have enjoyed Anita Louise' stories, each one is captivating. Her book Choices takes a person on an amazing journey of friendship, love, adventure, spine tingling chlls and so much more.  So much of her life interweaved throughout, it kept me guessing. A sequel to this would be wonderful.

 I enjoy anything she writes. For me she is one of the best out there and  I am not alone.

If you get a chance, take the time to curl up, read a great story, it will transport you to a land of wondrous realms.
Jen  (L.A.)